Module 2: Quiz

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  1. Why is listening so important to the reference interview?
  2. What virtual reference “general guideline” did you find most useful and why?
  3. What are the outcomes of paraphrasing?
  4. Identify which step of the reference process is being described

________________Patron says, “I need information on pets.” You say, “Okay, You’re looking for information about dogs, cats, or other types of pets.”

________________Patron says, “I need information on dogs.” You say, “What would you like to know about dogs?”

________________ Patron says, “I need pictures of dogs for my school report.” You say, “Do you need pictures of specific breeds of dogs?”

_______________Patron says, “I need information on poodles.” You say, “Am I correct that you need pictures of different types of poodles for your school report?”

5. List and describe the “pieces of evidence.”

6. Using your reference skills, list the types of questions you would ask the patron and identify which reference interview skill you are using.

Do you have stuff on the copperbelly water snake?

I need help with my taxes.

Do you have any books about teenagers?

Where can I find my great-grandmother’s address?

Where’s the cooking section?

7. What are the similarities and differences between the in-person and virtual reference?