Module 1: Quiz

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  1. What is reference service?
  2. How does your library provide virtual reference?
  3. What do you think reference services provide that patrons can’t find elsewhere or more easily in the community?
  4. What purpose may a patron’s “first question” serve?
  5. Why is it important to provide prominent and jargon free links to all forms of virtual reference services?
  6. How can you make patrons aware of non-book resources or information services such as Interlibrary loan?
  7. Describe what your library does to make it easy for patrons to understand the arrangement or organization of the library (i.e. website; technology; floor space; etc.)
  8. What are some common difficulties when it comes to virtual reference services?
  9. What is information literacy?
  10. What are some of the reasons a person may not be able to express their information need?
  11. What are the steps of the reference process?
  12. How can you put into action each of the five competencies and guidelines for in-person reference services?